Louise is phenomenal, not only as an Organizer, but as a person!  She has many gifts, the first of which is her keen ability to listen with empathy, compassion and non-judgement.  She helped me clear out and organize my garage, spare bedroom and create a long-awaited art room / guest bedroom.  We worked in two 7-hour sessions, and I was amazed how much we accomplished!  It was even FUN!  The time flew by quickly because Louise was so attuned to sensing just the right pace, pausing when I wanted to reflect, gently nudging as needed to keep the flow, and doing all this with such delightful ease and kindness.  Louise has truly found her niche… the perfect blend of her enormous heart, authentic ability to connect with people, and superb organizing skills. These are very admirable gifts, and I’m so grateful to her for helping me transform my house (and life!).