Talented and a delight to work with. Louise and I spent close to a year sorting through the combined belongings of three separate households. At times it was difficult to process what to do–there was so much history to each object. But she was able to ask the right questions to help me decide whether I should keep, store, or give. I couldn’t have worked through this massive project without Louise’s guidance.

C.P. First Hill

Louise is incredible. She’s so efficient – a true power house! She gets so much done, so quickly! She’s clever, creative, kind and so collaborative. She made sure all projects she completed worked perfectly for our needs.

T.K. Greenlake

Louise has helped us organize so many parts of our home. We moved from a house with very different dimensions and couldn’t figure out how to get everything to fit (and also get rid of some things we didn’t need). She helped us with two children’s rooms, a kitchen, garage, and basement. She is kind, patient, effective, and willing to work within any parameters we had with respect to different spaces and items. We look forward to bringing her back for a refresh soon!

A.H. Madison Park

Louise is THE BEST!  If you have been putting off organizing for any reason, hire her and you will be well on your way in little time.  She arrives with a non-judgmental attitude and asks the right questions to help you downsize and organize fast.  Her experience brings so many ideas/solutions, that even the most challenging spaces are no match for her.  In addition, I had a few boxes that contained a lot of painful memories that she helped me unpack (such a relief) AND she worked with my son to tackle his room – no easy task but within minutes, she earned his trust and they became a great team that got the job done.  I can’t recommend her enough!

G.N. Edmonds

Louise works miracles! She is personable, knowledgeable, and efficient. She guides you through the decluttering process without judgment and makes helpful suggestions. I appreciate her expertise and friendly personality. Louise was a gift to our family.


A.D. Auburn

Louise helped my husband and I organize our kitchen and garage storage. The kitchen has been a stressor for me and we didn’t know where to start. She kept us moving and asked questions that helped transform the space into something that made sense for our day-to-day. She’s easy to work with and prompt with communication. Totally recommend her!

J.C. Bothell

I had Louise help me organize my pantry and garage on two separate occasions. She was a delight to work with and has an amazing ability to get things done. A genuine task master. Would definitely hire her again.

M.G. Edmonds

Louise was amazing and very pleasant to work with. We hired her for 8 hours of organizing and what we achieved in our garage and basement was incredible. She almost makes culling and organizing your clutter FUN! I have since recommended her to many friends and colleagues and will definitely be calling her in the future.

C. G-M. West Seattle

Louise helped me transform my office into a place I like to work. The space is much lighter and more usable. I found her to be easy to work with and so encouraging. Filing usually takes the wind out of my sails, but she helped me process with ease. My dogs adore her too.

J. W.-H. Newcastle

Louise is absolutely amazing. She wasn’t daunted by a huge pile of boxes, some decades old, filled with a mix of worthless and priceless items. Louise was warm, engaging, and a delight to talk with as we sorted together. I stepped out to take several work calls and Louise kept organizing. She was very careful to make sure I reviewed anything that might be important. Louise got so much done! When our time was up, she took a carful of materials to Goodwill, took old pill bottles to recycle, took eyeglasses to donate, and we filled our recycling bin with unneeded papers. What a gift!

L.B. Shoreline

What Louise achieved in our garage/basement in only 4 hours was remarkable. She means business and she doesn’t waste a minute. She’s a joy to work with and we feel so much lighter now that we’ve organized the garage. In her last 30 minutes with us, she started on the basement as well and I was shocked at how much she achieved in that little amount of time. Her organizational instincts are unmatched.

L.Z. Mt. Baker

Louise helped both me and my mom during our move to Seattle. We took one large house and split it into two condos and moved from out of state. Work made it hard for me to focus on unpacking and my mom is 74 and needed the organizing help. Louise was so focused and kind in response to our stress. She also donated our items to Goodwill after each session which helped so much. She is exactly the person you want to help in times of great stress to make your home a home.

R.C. Phinney Ridge and Downtown Seattle

Wow! This was the absolutely best investment we could have made. I am beyond grateful for the work Louise did in our home. We recently moved and in three days time she organized our entire kitchen, garage, tool room, and “bonus” room. What was so amazing is that she did it all while my husband and I worked. When we would check in with her (maybe once every few hours) she would have a list of questions and that was it. She was incredibly efficient. I would recommend her a million times over.

L.H. Capitol Hill

Louise saved me. I had just moved from West Seattle to Puyallup. As I sat looking at 200 boxes in my new house, I quickly became overwhelmed and paralyzed. Louise to the rescue! I booked her for 4 full days to organize my master closet, bedroom and bath, my kitchen pantry, office and household supplies. She is very professional, experienced, passionate about organizing and works independently as well as collaboratively. My home has never been so organized. I can find everything easily. I have already decided to hire her annually to tweak the clutter and maintain the organization in my home. She will even haul away donations to Goodwill. Can’t recommend her enough.

J.J-G Puyallup

I’m one of those people who hates to declutter though I love the results. Louise came in and in one 8-hr session turned my bedroom into a welcoming and calm space that is a joy to wake up in. She also tackled my kitchen cupboards and even in the cupboards that I thought were just fine she improved on them. She got me to go through all my jewelry boxes-something I thought would never happen. She has a talent for organizing, an eye for what best goes where and she just loves doing this work and it shows. She’s friendly, warm and very easy to work with. Her attitude is one of “let’s get this done” but doesn’t push you beyond what you’re ready to let go of. I can’t say enough about how wonderful she is and how much better I feel in my newly rejuvenated space!

A.P. Eastlake

I’ve really enjoyed working with Louise for a few sessions now. She’s super organized, calm and has great ideas on the problems I’m trying to solve. She is able to dig in and make impactful changes without needing a lot of direction. It’s so nice to have an extra set of hands helping me keep our space tidy and organized. Louise is warm, friendly and easy to chat with and I would highly recommend her if you need some help getting your house back in shape now that the kids are back in school!! 🙂

L.C. Bellevue

Louise is professional, personable and hard working. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the transformation of my mud room/pantry, office and closet. In 3 days, I am absolutely stunned at the difference. I feel a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. She made this transformation so easy on me and just took charge of what needed to be done. I am forever thankful and consider this an investment in my peace of mind!”

S.C. Bainbridge Island

Louise helped us take our garage from chaos to clean in 4 hours! We didn’t know where to start after our move and she helped us organize the mayhem so well. Our garage was basically a disorganized storage unit, but Louise helped us group all of the boxes/stuff into defined clusters for each room/purpose. We organized and purged a ton but her guidance was so helpful and she is a pleasure to work with! Once we did that it was exciting to see how quickly we were able to take our belongings to the places in our new home where they should logically be, and finally have a functional garage. Not to mention we purged so much that we didn’t need or use. And on top of that she helped us recycle/donate whenever we could. Highly recommend her for anyone that needs a professional helping hand to get your space in order!

M.M. Arlington

Louise has been a fantastic resource for our family. Her insight, suggestions, and kindness have been especially important as we work to pare down years of accumulated things and organize what we keep. It is easy to feel embarrassed about some of the things that are kept for years yet serve no purpose, and with Louise there is zero shame, just gentle questions to help decide whether a given item deserves to take up space or it is time to find it a new home. My absolute favorite part is at the end of a session, she takes all the donations to drop them off or recycle. She knows where each item should go and it takes so much stress off my mind! I expected to handle the donation runs but she handles it all. I also love that she adjusts her pace and approach to what we each need.

A. C-M. Kirkland

Louise is just what I needed to help organize and purge a ton of sentimental items in our basement. In 8 hours with her expertise, we did together what I couldn’t have done myself in a week or more. She worked tirelessly and hauled away tons of donations. She also gave fabulous recommendations on how to handle the remaining donations and items for resale. She is friendly and easy to work with, and her rates are very reasonable. If I have another organizing project, I will definitely call her again.

M.C. Capitol Hill

Without hesitation I commend Louise and Top-Shelf Organizing.  She offers a comprehensive program that works.  If you are challenged with ADHD or struggle to keep your work and home environment neat and organized, Top-Shelf Organizing offers a personalized approach for meaningful change.  The strategies I’ve learned made a big difference in our home and office.  My stress level is reduced in our peaceful and organized environment.  Louise is respectful, kind and compassionate.  She was also determined to help me overcome years of chaos.  A lifetime of memories stored in boxes, full of things I don’t need  blocked the path to tranquility.  Letting go is hard, but working with Louise is an enjoyable experience.  I give my highest review to Top-Shelf Organizing.

J.F. Bothell

Louise was wonderful! We accomplished much more than I would have thought possible in two days of organizing. We were able to create thoughtful systems around the house which my two young children can maintain moving forward. Great value, great service, highly recommend!!

M.G. Tacoma

I have had the pleasure of working with Louise a few times over the past few years and could not recommend her more highly. She has such a calm, non-judgmental, reassuring style and it is such a pleasure to partner with her, which says a lot when what we are doing together (decluttering my house) is hardly one of my favorite tasks. The end result is a home that we love even more. She helps us create spaces that every one of my family members feels good in, spaces we want to spend more time in and feel energized by.

R.G. Queen Anne

We recently moved back to Seattle and with three small kids, we knew we would need unpacking help – otherwise we would still be unpacking in October. Louise was absolutely fantastic. In terms of booking, she was very flexible as our move-in date kept getting delayed. She communicated clearly when she would be arriving etc. She was very prompt. Most of all, she worked TIRELESSLY – helping us to get unpacked, in order, with a great attitude and spirit. We had kids running around, people working from home, other vendors showing up, etc – never flustered and never a problem for Louise. Highly recommend!

A.K. Wedgwood

Louise is fantastic!!! I cannot believe she found a place for almost everything in my cluttered kitchen. She figured out a system of placing like with like and having frequently used items in easily accessed places. I was not super involved in the majority of the organizing but her system is so intuitive that it was not a problem figuring out where an item was. My home feels like a breath of fresh air instead of an oppressive reminder of all the clutter I had to take care of. Thanks Louise!

C.A. Downtown Seattle

I love organizing, but there have been some areas I’ve been avoiding for years. In one day, Louise and I tackled my child’s playroom and my home office. She dove right in, helping us sort our shelves, working with my child to get rid of toys she had outgrown, and organizing everything into themed bins. In my office, she helped me cull through years of paperwork that had been accumulating in piles. A few months later, I hired Louise to come back and help with our kitchen. Again, she helped us organize everything, from labeling and alphabetizing all of our spices, to helping us get a handle on our pantry and kitchenware. 

Louise works really hard, is easy to talk to, can work with different personality types (several of my friends use her too!), helps you donate/trash unwanted items, and makes you love your house again. I highly recommend her and I can’t wait to tackle another room in a few months!

C.L. Wallingford

This review is long overdue. I was fortunate enough to spend nearly 8 hours with Louise one day in January. It was a marathon organizing session and we tackled the garage. It included multiple good will runs throughout the day and a big recycling/trash run at the end of the day. She truly seemed to understand the priorities and the uniqueness of my situation. Things that needed to be quickly accessible were made as such. Even better she strategically put into place space to expand. It is truely a much less chaotic place which is great when things are needing to come and go on a moment’s notice. I can’t recommend her enough! She worked with what I had and made it work beautifully!

S.G. Licton Springs

Louise is an easy and wonderful person with whom to work. We tackled my closet with the utmost efficiency and encouragement to declutter like a rock star. Best part of the day was that she offered to drop off everything at Goodwill/library for donation. Was a fabulously productive four hours! Many, many thanks.

L.C. Wallingford

After having my child, I fell abysmally behind on keeping our house organized. Louise came in and helped spring board my quest to make my house more livable!  We did two rooms of my house together. She didn’t pressure me to get rid of anything or judge my chaos, just assisted in making things usable, findable, and best of all-making the results repeatable so I don’t descend into clutter again.

E.S. Snohomish

I had been telling people that all the clutter I had accumulated over the years was really starting to get to me and I so wanted to get rid of stuff and get organized. Then I decided it was time to downsize and move. At that point the task seemed almost impossible. Then I had the great good fortune of finding Louise. She is smart, and very experienced in organizing households, downsizing, and orchestrating household moves. And she is conscientious and caring of her client, and fun to work with. I have spent a couple of 4 hour sessions with her and made amazing progress. She has spent time with me going through accumulated stuff and gently helped me let go of things, and provided procedures I have used on my own to make progress I never would have imagined possible. I plan to continue working with her, and on my own with the guidance she has provided. My organize/downsize/move has gone from seeming impossible to being on the way to done! 

B.C. Lake City

We built our home 3 years ago, and shortly after we moved in, I had a traumatic fall and our priorities had to shift. I finally made the decision to hire someone to help, and it was truly the best decision! Louise is an absolute delight to work with!  We’ve spent 2 full days together and we accomplished a ton! She has this amazing ability to create a space that works for ME.  We’ve already scheduled more time together as she will be a regular in my life, going forward!

K.N. Ravensdale

I am a fairly organized person but I was struggling with finding a practical home for all my things. I felt like every “category” was in 2 or 3 places and simple tasks were feeling overwhelming.  I wanted to get to a place where I knew everything I owned and where it was! Louise came for a full day and we tackled each room one by one. Not only is Louise a joy to spend time with, but she helped me accomplish my organizational goals in 1 day!! Now I feel like other tasks and projects around the house are way more manageable and feel a sense of peace in my home. I am so incredibly happy I invested in her expertise!! Highly recommend!!!

E.E. South Seattle

Top Shelf Organizing was a big help when I moved to the area. I was completely disorganized and living out of moving boxes and Louise really stepped in and got things organized and very livable. Highly recommended!

W.A. Kirkland

I am not surprised to see Louise has received 5 stars across the board on Yelp. She is a wonderful and supportive partner through a process that can be laborious and emotional. 

I reached out to Louise because my condo had become disorganized and I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that I owned, much of which had no “place.” She came in and brought her positivity and specialized eye for how to arrange my kitchen, closet, pantry, and bedroom–and the results were downright delightful. Now I feel like even when things get messy, I have a way to get things back in order. She also helped me get rid of 8+ bags of clothes and stuff that I had been hanging on to, but that was not contributing toward my overall happiness. I feel so happy and so free. I love Louise (and so does my dog)!

M.S. Belltown

Louise is amazing! We’re getting our house ready for our second baby and needed help getting the kids room clean and organized. There were piles of things we’ve had stacked in the closet for YEARS that we were able to get through and take out of the room. There is so much more room to breath now, and our two year old loves the setup- more floor space to play with his toys in. It feels great having a place for both kids now, and we feel ready for the next step. I absolutely recommend this!

A.S. Genesee Park

Louise is wonderful! Between working full-time and taking care of my young son as soon as I get home, I could not find the energy to help my husband do a massive clean and reorganization. So I found Louise and she was a total lifesaver! My husband worked with Louise while I was at work and this is what he had to say about the experience,  “I have ADHD and I get easily distracted and hyper-focused on small details making cleaning and organization a long and tedious experience. Louise was very patient with me and diligent with keeping me on task. Her organizational skills helped me immensely. Not only is our kitchen and nursery clean but it is also very organized making it much easier for us to clean and maintain. Louise’s guidance and assistance with cleaning and organizing was priceless. I highly recommend her.” All I can say is she kept my husband on task and happy and I came home to a beautifully organized kitchen and nursery. I am also happy to report that we have easily maintained these rooms thanks to Louise’s organization skills! We will definitely hire her again!

K.K. Lake Forest Park

I had a great time working with Louise. She was extremely patient with me as we worked our way through two boxes that were *very* dense with items I wasn’t sure what to do with and that I had put off dealing with for years. It took us quite some time to get through them! She didn’t push me, but did gently guide me towards assessing their value to me. What I found was that after she left, I was way more able to go through items in other parts of my house and deal with them because I had a method. I also found myself more able to let things go after going through the process with her. I think it was because she didn’t push me. If she had pushed it, I probably would’ve become more resistant. In that, Louise’s wisdom shows. I highly recommend her, both from my own experiences and from my sister’s experience with her.

M.H. Seattle

I’ve personally recommended Louise to many of my friends, and she has my highest recommendation here. Louise is not only excellent at what she does, but she is also a pleasure to spend time with! Who would have thought organizing and cleaning could be fun? Well it is with Louise. I consider what she does to be sacred work – that is how I’ve experienced it. Thank you Louise, and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

S.S. Mercer Island

My house contains not one but TWO academic pack rats. We were coming up on a move and feeling overwhelmed by the incredible amount of paperwork and collected items that we’d have to go through – and that’s what was LEFT after we moved two truckloads of items to our new place! 

If you’ve ever wanted to adopt an improved lifestyle of simplicity with everything in its place, I recommend Louise. She helped us go through almost every shelf in our apartment, a mountain of paper, my calligraphy supplies, toiletries, and a desk full of office supplies. 

I like that she gave practical tips and suggestions for organizing our new apartment. She was also fun to talk to! After our appointment, she was a tremendous help by taking a carload full of goods to a nearby donation center.

Without Louise’s help, I would still be anxiously fidgeting with my phone in a vain attempt to delay the inevitable. I feel energized about setting up systems in my new apartment – and at peace about what needs to be done in my old apartment. Two thumbs up!

M.R. Fremont

Louise is a gifted organizer. She listened to me and understood my issues…I have too much storage space in my house and when I worked with other organizers they did not “get” that I needed “the stuff” gone unless it was of value to me or I used it. I felt burdened by what my storage spaces held even though there was room. Louise would gently and non-judgementally remind me of my goal when I got stuck. It all became easier and easier as the sessions went on.

I miss NONE of it! 

Louise could visualize the spaces in my home and she made suggestions for the layout and use I would never have thought of…in some way it was like remodeling but with the space I currently have.

In addition to all the great accomplishments with the organizing Louise is a delightful, calm and supportive person to work with. I could not recommend her more!

C.S. Tacoma

Louise was the first professional organizer that I’ve worked with. I’m not a very messy person, but my motto seems to be “out of sight, out of mind”. Tired of dreading opening up my closet, I gave Louise a call. Before the appointment, I was anxious that I hadn’t “done enough to prepare”, but as soon as she arrived I realized that I was dealing with a true professional that had seen it all. I couldn’t believe how efficient and calm she was, and we got more done in a single session than I could have imagined.

D.B. Seattle

Top-Shelf Organizing will help you find peace in your home. The calm is amazing. I wasn’t aware of the stress I felt because of the clutter. I typically put things away but am seriously challenged figuring out where items should live. Louise came to me highly recommended. I chose 2 4-hour blocks. I thought in that 8 hours we could make a serious dent in our exercise/storage/junk room. After 4 hours that room had a floor again and was fully functional. Everything had a home. The second day she reclaimed my husbands mancave, formerly a guest room. Again she found the floor, helped him find where things should go, and the hideabed can now be opened. A guest room again! She is fast, kind and non-judgmental. She doesn’t tell you how it should be, she helps you figure out what makes sense to you. She uses your logic. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Give Top-Shelf Organizing a try, I promise you will be thrilled.

C.D. Edmonds

Louise is an organizing queen! I saw her Facebook page, and have desperately been needing some help organizing my house, so I thought I would give her a try. When she arrived at my house I had horrible anxiety having a stranger come into my messy, unorganized home. From the minute I met her, she put me at ease with her warm personality and I felt so comfortable with her in my house. She didn’t judge me for the mess, nor ask me to throw anything away (but I did! And it was great!) I honestly didn’t have to get rid of a bunch of stuff. It really just needed to be organized. All day long we worked on my craft room (tons of photographs needed to be put in new bins with lids. That alone freed up a bunch of space)and then we moved to two other rooms to tidy them up. I enjoyed visiting with her as we worked together organizing, throwing away and giving to charity. She even loaded up her car and took the bags to Goodwill for me. That was a such a bonus. I texted her an hour after she left and I am scheduling another full day with her. I can’t wait to do this again. The relief of these overwhelming tasks is tremendous. I feel so much better. Thank you Louise!

B.F. Edmonds

Louise was awesome! She had great suggestions and we were able to move through projects super fast. She had the right balance of prodding me to evaluate what I actually need to keep while not pushing me when I wanted to keep things. I would definitely recommend Louise and I plan to have her in annually.

L.M. Redmond

Any small business owner understands the importance of staying organized. I have worked with Louise for many years. She is a great organizer. Louise is an excellent resource for those small businesses needing help establishing systems to keep paperwork and day-to-day details under control, saving time and money. She also has a knack for helping people who are going through life changes – marriages, job change, divorce, business expansion, moving, downsizing, etc. – establish routines to keep their life on an even keel. Louise has an extensive referral network, making her a tremendous resource for referrals in other industries/professions. If you are looking for help getting organized and staying that way, I highly recommend Top Shelf Organizing. 

D.E. Kirkland

Louise is fabulous!  She is personable and easy to work with.  She stays on target without being bossy.  She was at my townhouse for 1 1|2 days and we finished 2 rooms and a double cabinet in my bathroom.  Worth every penny.  I can’t say enough about what a wonderful experience this was.  I have already recommended her to a friend for her future project.

B.S. Kent

I am so pleased that I decided to work with Louise! She is an excellent listener and really motivated me. We cleared out and re-organized my garage the first 4 hour session and did the same for my utility room/side entryway the second 4 hour session. Louise is very very good at her job. She was able to keep focused on the goals and to gently guide me back to the task at hand when I got distracted or stuck (over-thinking what to do with a specific item.) I 100% recommend hiring Louise to help you organize/de-clutter any or all parts of your home or work-space. 

T.N. West Seattle

I would highly recommend Louise and Top-Shelf Organizing.   She and I just did a very extended project over 2 months, readying my house for my girlfriend to move in.  We had to deal with close to 20 years of accumulation, and carload after carload left for Goodwill – in fact 10 completely full carloads, which Louise took away as part of her service.  We did 12 sessions total – as this was, in many ways, the Organizing equivalent of the Kitchen Impossible series (where the chef turns up to fix a disaster).   The Garage was largely a disorganized dump zone, which is now neatly organized with shelving lining the walls, and small plastic containers clearly labeled by Louise.  My office is orderly for the first time in a decade, with room for my girlfriend’s desk too.  Louise moved a lot of clutter into clearly labeled plastic trays inside cabinets (she has a very nifty labeling machine that prints the labels).   My kitchen is so better organized that my skeptical grown daughter commented that the organization was way, way more logical than before – based on Louise’s experience and organizational skills.  Now there is room for my girlfriend’s kitchen, clothing, and other stuff to merge into the house – which looked very, very tough to achieve at the outset.   I found Louise a pleasure to work with.  She is good-natured, interesting, professional, and reliable.  She was always on time, and always went the extra mile to get each of the projects done.  My only regret is that I didn’t start doing this with Louise earlier.  It’s worth every penny!

C.B. Madison Park

Louise is AMAZING! Enthusiastic, compassionate, energetic, funny, professional, encouraging and so much more! My home needed help in many rooms due to inheriting all of the belongings of my mom who had passed away and then adding a child to our family.  We were packed full of stuff we needed help purging and organizing.  The project isn’t fully finished yet but we’ve decluttered almost the entire house and it feels SO WONDERFUL! It’s so much less stressful to be at home.  

I’m so glad that I found Louise. After interviewing 4 different companies she came out on top.  She’s competitively priced, knows what she’s doing and has reasonable policies as far as her willingness to help you get items donated, actually spending the time you pay for working on your home and scheduling at times that are convenient for you.  I will definitely hire her again in the future.

Thank you SO MUCH, Louise!

J.L. Lynnwood

Louise is very professional & supportive & understands that separating from certain items that have sentimental value can be challenging. Her encouragement & feedback gave me satisfaction that we were accomplishing something much needed in my home.

C.D. West Seattle

I had had a lot of loss in my personal life and my home was showing it, I was floundering and overwhelmed with stuff.  I needed a lifeline.  Louise was it!
Louise is truly worth her weight in gold.  Organizing and straightening up your life, when it’s not your strong point is such a gift… a gift you’re giving yourself.  She’s the tool to make things happen.
Louise is even keel, non-judgmental and a pleasant human being.  Plus that, her brain just knows how to organize.  Making sense of things seems to give her energy.  She kept a consistent pace and worked the entire time.  She packed up my donations and got them out of my space at the end of the day too.  
Louise mentioned that she has family members with the ADD type brain, so she knows how to work with brains that are different from hers.  I, for example, never know what to do with stuff, she seemed to naturally know how to find a “home” for everything.
My 8 year old son was with us for an hour after school that day.  He was so excited to help and see the progress we had made in my dining room and living room.  It inspired him to get rid of things too!
A month later after our time with Louise, it’s still a relief to walk into my home, after just ONE day of her help. 
My advice:  be mentally ready to get rid of things that are no longer serving you, be dressed to do the dirty work and have your energy snacks & drinks ready.  Also, understand that this is not work she can do without you, it’s your stuff after all.  
Do I need her a few more days for other parts of my home?  Yes.  Am I completely pleased?  Yes.   Was I tired afterwards?  Yes.  
I’m also extremely grateful for the breath of relief, it makes time for other important things in life.
Don’t waste any more time feeling overwhelmed, set aside time and book this!  Make time!

C.C. Des Moines

Louise is phenomenal, not only as an Organizer, but as a person!  She has many gifts, the first of which is her keen ability to listen with empathy, compassion and non-judgement.  She helped me clear out and organize my garage, spare bedroom and create a long-awaited art room / guest bedroom.  We worked in two 7-hour sessions, and I was amazed how much we accomplished!  It was even FUN!  The time flew by quickly because Louise was so attuned to sensing just the right pace, pausing when I wanted to reflect, gently nudging as needed to keep the flow, and doing all this with such delightful ease and kindness.  Louise has truly found her niche… the perfect blend of her enormous heart, authentic ability to connect with people, and superb organizing skills. These are very admirable gifts, and I’m so grateful to her for helping me transform my house (and life!).

V.C. Seattle

Your work is an expression of your talent.  In fact, I will say you are gifted!!!  You use your abilities to produce such an outstanding result.  And you are happy and enjoy what you do!  Congratulations!!   You are indeed a great success. As a result, my mood and hopes have improved. What a calming refreshing atmosphere I have now in my living area.  You have worked miracles!!!!  I love the results and only want to go forward.  I’m empowered to carry on your great work.  Thank you again and again.  I truly appreciate your skill.

G.M. North Seattle

Louise is amazing! I was most impressed by her calm and persistent ability to keep the same pace during our entire appointment. She was all in, focused, and flexible. 
I have never really had a structured home, especially living in studio apartments or with a big family, I never had spaces that were really for one purpose. Louise helped transform my “junk room/office/playroom” into a glorious office, plus play area for my son. In just 7 hours, she has changed my life. I will be using her again very soon to continue the work.

A.A. Renton

Organizing magic! My home transformed from cluttered and chaotic to simple and peaceful- each item now has a home of its own. Top-shelf, indeed.

L.S. Edmonds

I can’t tell you how awesome Louise is. I came to her after glowing reviews from my friend. I thought I could do it by myself but boy Louise is more than worth the money. She is SO fast, kind and non-judgemental. I had 2 4-hour sessions. I thought the full 8 hours would make a dent on our 3rd bedroom/storage room. She knocked it out in 4 hours then took on and completed my husbands mancave, which used to be our guest room. You can now not only see and sit on the hideabed, it can can be a guest room again! Give Top Shelf Organizing a try, I promise you will be thrilled!

C.D. Edmonds

Louise is the wonderful angel I used several times to help me downsize from my Bellevue home. And then again at my Tacoma penthouse to help with organizing to maintain my sanity! She’s a miracle worker! She does everything with such loving kindness and understanding of our attachment to “stuff”.

T.J. Tacoma

Louise is absolutely amazing! She has helped us to organize our bedroom and our front entryway and they both look absolutely fantastic! The transformation is incredible and I am so very pleased. It is a pleasure to work with Louise. She is extremely helpful and understanding. She is also very efficient and helps me get a room truly organized. I look forward to continuing to work with Louise on future organizing projects so that our home becomes the calm and peaceful sanctuary I have always envisioned.

B.S. Wedgwood

Louise is fantastic!  She managed to get my storage room in neat as a pin order and she doesn’t force you to get rid of any of your stuff if you don’t want to but encourages ways of dealing with it. I have been emotionally tied to my stuff with lots of memories and she made it much easier with her experience and understanding to sort through all of it. I would highly recommend her. In fact she is coming back to help me with the rest of the house and I am definitely looking forward to it!

P.J. Marysville

This review is long over due! I’ve worked with other organizing experts in the past and found Louise to be absolutely delightful. Louise helped me get my home in order during a spring cleaning/organizing session and then again right before I put my home on the market. Louise helped me go through every drawer and cubby in my home to declutter, downsize, and just straight up organize. Anyone touring my home could have opened any drawer or door after Louise left and I felt nothing but pride. What sets Louise apart in my opinion is her genuine care, she helps take the anxiety out of the big jobs and even followed up with me to see how my house was doing on the market. Thank you Louise, I am sad I can’t take you to the East Coast!”

P.K. Edmonds

Working with Louise was phenomenal! She truly enjoys what she does, and that shows in her work product. She has a 4-hour minimum hire requirement, and it’s for a reason. I initially hired her to help me organize my pantry closet, which was a total organizing disaster, it quickly turned into organizing the entire two bedroom apartment. 

She helped with going through everything and making sure what we needed on a daily basis was accessible. Louise encouraged me to purge out things I didn’t need and organize everything else on a theme basis. 

Highly recommend her services. Considering having Louise come on a semi-annual basis.

K.C. Pioneer Square

Louise has been working with my wife for over the past several months in different areas of our home to sort through, prioritize, discard, recycle, repurpose, and reorganize with a purpose. It’s like giving a room a long overdue liposuction treatment.

Last week Louise came and we tackled our kitchen walk-in pantry, where a several year accumulation of “stuff” had put such a stranglehold on the area that you could hardly walk in and turn around. Although an archeologist would have loved the treasure of the densely packed kitchen hardware and packaged / canned foods, we didn’t. It had become difficult to remember what was really there, and all too often we would re-purchase things because we couldn’t remember where the item was, or just forget about it.

Louise started by setting up 2 tables, and then pulled EVERYTHING out of the constipated pantry, and we started the sorting process. We ended up with piles for each of our kids, donations, garbage, recycle, reidentify. Then we placed categories of goods and appliances into appropriate clear plastic bins, each clearly identified by a big readable tag. Then she placed the tubs on the shelves in a systematic manner where the most frequently used ones were the easiest to reach.

Now, it is a joy to go into the pantry knowing that everything is known, and in the right place. What used to be an instant rush of stress entering the pantry is now a soothing calm. It sounds weird, but sometimes I go in there just because it feels so good to look around and see everything so organized.

The final touch Louise does is that she removes the donation items from the house and takes them to where they are destined.

Louise is pleasant to be around, never criticizes, gasps, faints, or makes you feel inadequate. Her sense of humor really helps make the job go easy. And she is a hard worker, always keeping the process moving and not getting bogged down.

TopShelf is really top shelf. I give her my highest marks.

B.R. West Seattle

Louise was great to work with, she came in and helped us totally reorganize our kitchen and our entryway, figuring out what we wanted to get rid of and how the best organizational flow would work. She is very warm with a great attitude. This seems like something that we should be able to do on our own, but it really hard to prioritize and finish once you’ve started. With Louse there, it makes it a lot easier to quickly move through big tasks. We came away with a real sense of accomplishment and mastery. Overall, a great service I would totally recommend if you want to get your space to work for you.

A.H. Phinney Ridge

I had a great experience with Louise! She came over, I showed her around and we got to work. We completely transformed my kitchen in a few hours and it made a huge difference. She was wonderful to work with and so enthusiastic about the changes we were making that the time flew by. Highly recommended!

A.B. Seattle

I’ve always been a pretty organized person, but with a few major setbacks in my life, I just got overwhelmed trying to catch up with a couple of rooms that had somehow turned into junk rooms. I wasn’t even sure what needed to be done, or where to start, and I was reluctant to get help, but boy am I glad I did. Louise came in and immediately got to work. I never felt pressured or uncomfortable about her suggestions. We just started working and miraculous changes started happening. I can’t recommend Louise highly enough: there was no room for improvement there. I enjoyed working with her, she made everything easy, and I felt such a great sense of relief and accomplishment after our project days. Thanks, Louise, I so appreciate your professionalism and your help!

M.M. Seattle

Louise, I was thinking this morning that I wished I could have had you all day, but, honestly, I’m completely wiped out after that incredible 4 hours! Thank you SO much for your help, clarity, suggestions, and for sharing your talent. You really got me through that place where I’ve been cemented in for years. I don’t know how you do it every day. I’m headed off to bed. With much gratitude!

S.L. University District

I reached Louise from Top Shelf Organizing through a recommendation and I can unhesitatingly say that it changed my life. I went from chaos to a perfectly organized house in hours. Louise has given my house coherence . Things are where they belong, everything in it’s right place in the right order in the right room. She’s a great listener, she quickly understands what your needs are and puts forward a plan while always listening to the client. Booking was easy, the cost justifies the service you get and we know that we’ll continue calling Louise from time to time to continue to give sense to our home.

N.E. Bothell

This sort of activity fatigues me, so I typically approach it in small chunks of activity. Over time, however, I’ve fallen behind in where I want to be. Enter Louise. Somehow, we worked non-stop for 4 hours, and ended up in a place that far exceeded my expectations. The place is clean, organized, and the system she helped implement is tailored to how I work/think. She’s coming back. We’ve got even more work that I now want to do!

R.B. Belltown

A relative hired Louise as a gift, and what a great gift that turned out to be…working with Louise was wonderful! I haven’t had this much order in my living space, ever, and she was friendly and fun to work with, too. Thank you!

J.B. University District

A relative hired Top-Shelf Organizing as a house warming present for us after we moved to Seattle. Louise spent a total of eight hours with us (two four hour shifts) and we accomplished much more than I anticipated.  I am an organized person and wasn’t sure how this service would help us and am very happy with the service and the amount of work we got done. Louise unpacked several boxes, organized our basement, much of the office area and even helped with some set up of garden items in the yard. When we move again, I will hire Louise to assist with packing and unpacking! This service is well worth the expense, especially when you are balancing work with a move.

M.N. Fremont

“For anyone feeling overwhelmed by clutter or desperate for help turning one’s personal space into a haven instead of stress source, Louise is a life saver!!! I cannot recommend her enough! I’d never hired anyone to help me with the VERY personal process of decluttering and organizing, and was very nervous, very embarrassed about the process and my messy rooms. Louise immediately put me at ease with her warm, intuitive, caring, no pressure, non-judgmental personality. We got busy easily and immediately, going thru three different rooms and myriad closets, and had beautifully-organized and purged spaces to show for it after each session. She made the process fun and informative while never pushing products or more sales. Louise also helped me understand some of my storage and organization habits, giving me easy tips for maintaining and being better in the future. Getting your stuff in order can be life changing and Louise helped me get to the point where I’m now enjoying these rooms instead of being bothered and overwhelmed by them. Hooray!”

T. M-S. Columbia City

After the movers left I was so over whelmed. New to the area and moving from a 3000 sq. ft house to a 900 sq. ft. condo, I found Louise! I don’t know what I would have done without her. We worked side by side and in three days everything had a place. Boxes, packing materials and donations were gone…I was settled in. Louise was worth every penny and I can’t thank her enough.

M.F. Kirkland

Louise Beytebiere of Top Shelf Organizing is amazing.  It’s always been easy for me to decide what to get rid of, but I’ve never known what to do with the things that I want to keep.  Louise is right there with me, making suggestions that fit with the way I occupy my own space.  The result is that I am now able to keep my spaces cleaner and more organized so that working in both my studio and my study have become so much more fun.  I spend more time doing what I want to do and not looking for things – or running out to buy something because I didn’t know that I already had the item buried in a pile somewhere.
Louise is easy to be around, efficient, reliable, helpful, organized!! and effective.  At the end of our sessions, everything that needed to be put away is put away and everything that needs to go elsewhere – whether to be donated or recycled – is gone.  The house is clean and peaceful.
After my first 8 hours with Louise, I bought a 40 hour package and am looking forward to cleaning out and organizing all the rooms in our house.
I’ve been meaning to do this for the past 5 years, and now, with Louise, I can!

L.D. Magnolia

Are you overwhelmed with clutter? Not ready to bring the dumpster in and start over? Stop what you’re doing and call Louise at Top-Shelf Organizing now!
I was determined to get my chaos under control, so I bought one of Louise’s packages with the intention of tackling everything. We split it up over four visits and were able to take care of one room per visit.
Working with Louise is awesome. She’s non-judgmental and helps you get rid of what you don’t need without feeling like a hoarder, but find ways to keep and strategically store what you want to keep. I was blown away that for as little as we got rid of, there was tons of extra space afterwards. 
Louise is a workhorse. We had a couple really long sessions where I had to stop for food and felt exhausted by the end, but Louise just kept going. 
Louise also packs all kinds of clever organizing stuff to help along the way like clips, label maker, etc. And when you’re all done, she takes the donate pile and hazardous waste piles with her so you’re just left with a nice clean space.

R.M. Phinney Ridge

Louise is a winner.  She not only helped me clear out all the stuff I didn’t need, but took them to the donation center drop off.  She has a way of helping you focus so that you don’t get too overwhelmed, as I often do when dealing with piles of things that I don’t need.  It’s so nice when the room is cleared out, organized, labeled and functional again.  She always has such great ideas of where to put things that I had never thought of.  Such a life saver!  If you’re a busy person, aren’t we all?, and need a hand in focusing on how to make your living spaces more efficient, call Top Shelf Organizing.

M.T. Woodinville

My experience with Louise has been life changing, no joke. She is exactly what I’d hoped to find when I set out to find a professional organizer.

She has expertise (natch), wisdom (harder to find), and authentic kindness (a rarity), all of which combine to create an organizer who is not only effective, but also a true pleasure to work with.

She didn’t suggest any kind of pricey gimmick or “system”, and instead worked within what I already had. For example, a basket of my son’s outgrown toys still lurked in the basement; the toys were donated and the basket was moved to the spare bedroom to corral photography equipment. Speaking of donations, Louise takes them with her when she leaves for the day. Really.

If you’re in need of a pro to help with your clutter, I highly recommend Top-Shelf.

G.K. Queen Anne

I was feeling so overwhelmed by all the work that needed to be done to purge and organize my home. I decided to buy Louise’s services. She is worth every penny! Louise has made these arduous tasks seem obtainable and the results are amazing. We are working our way through my house…I’ll be working with her for quite a while and I enjoy every minute!

J.C. Magnolia

If you’re thinking about hiring a professional organizer, stop thinking and get in touch with Louise. My only regret is waiting so long.

My husband and I moved in together without really sorting through anything and the clutter continued to multiply over the next couple of years. We’d buy things we knew we already had because we couldn’t find them. When we had people over it was hours of work running things upstairs and hiding them in closets. We couldn’t have all the dishes clean at the same time because there wasn’t enough room for them in the cabinet. Every room felt a little (or a lot) hectic.

We ultimately hired Louise because we were starting the process of turning an unfinished room (we called it “the Big Room”) that we’d been using as a storage unit into a media room and the thought of cleaning it out ourselves was too overwhelming. I purchased a 20 hour package thinking that maybe we’d get through the room in that amount of time, but with the 3 of us working on it we had it cleared in 7-8 hours (and we got rid of 85% of it – we were storing things, but obviously not because we liked or wanted to use them).

In our next appointment with Louise we tackled my husband’s studio. This was harder because there was more he wanted to keep and it takes more time to organize than to discard, but we went from a room that was difficult to even walk through to a much more useable space that day. We even sorted all his cables into their own bins and dedicated a closet to them…he never has to buy cables again and doesn’t spend hours digging through boxes to find what he’s looking for.

We’ve continued working systematically through the house (we’re now onto our second 20-hour package) and it’s been a joy to experience how peaceful each space becomes.

Now about Louise – I don’t know how she does it, but she has an even level of energy through the whole day and pretty much never stops. The process has been very calm and it’s 100% because of her demeanor. She’s very understanding about how exhausting it is to make hundreds (or thousands) of decisions about whether to keep items and she’s very thoughtful about arranging things in ways that make sense with how we already use our home. She knows how to correctly discard just about anything – recycling batteries, who takes cardboard boxes, etc – and she takes whatever fits in her car to Goodwill when she leaves.

For YEARS I knew we needed to downsize the clutter and get organized and I dreaded doing it, but Louise has made it a truly painless process and I’m so glad I called her.

R.Z. Kirkland

Louise is one of the best things to ever happen to my house! My family moved from a large house to a small one (3600 sq ft to 1200) and I could not deal with it. I had piles of stuff everywhere. I have three children and my husband was gone for 4 months and I desperately needed help. Out of all the organizers out there, Louise sounded the most promising, and she lived up to her awesome reviews. Even though I live on Joint Base Lewis-McChord and she’s in Seattle, she agreed to drive down here. And, despite having my kids running around, she was able to keep me focused without coming off as annoyed or demanding. She is so sweet and so pleasant to work with! The end result was better than I could have hoped for! Check out her before and after pics on her Facebook page!

C.S. Joint Base Lewis-McChord

If you are even thinking about working with a professional organizing service, I strongly encourage you to hire Louise. After working with her over the past 2 weeks, I cannot speak highly enough of her level of talent and professionalism. Her intervention has literally effected a step change in our quality of life!

My family and I just moved to the Seattle area, and I was struggling to get our new home in order. I was skeptical about hiring a professional organizer, but was becoming desperate given the large amount of piles strewn about the house. With two small children and a downsize from a Texas-size home, I dreaded waking up each day to tackle the disarray.

Here’s a summary of what I consider Louise’s unique talents:
-She is able to effectively (and cheerfully) tackle piles of rubble even when there is no obvious storage solution in place. This was critical to us since we moved from a custom home with lots of built-ins to a house with no storage. Another service we called mentioned that they would not be able to help us effectively without first buying expensive large bins to hold items.

-She followed up with great recommendations on organizing tools to buy (e.g., plastic dressers to put in closets and/or store office things, acrylic containers for the bathroom). I literally dread places like the Container Store and the home organizing section of Target, but was able to go into these places efficiently and confidently thanks to Louise.

-Her working style is extremely flexible. Sometimes I worked with her side-by-side to provide guidance on preferences, or to add horsepower to a specific job. At other times, I left her alone for hours to take care of other things, and returned to incredibly serene, organized spaces. She can effectively serve the client who has strong opinions about everything, to those who need to save time and outsource whole jobs.

-She has incredible throughput. Despite being just one person (versus other places where you have to hire armies of people), her ability to knock a room into shape is far faster than the average human being.

-She takes care of goodwill runs, which is huge for us. We tend to let disorganized piles of donations store up and we efficiently ridded ourselves of overall 10 boxes of unwanted items.

-She is incredibly personable and will go out of her way to help you, even outside the organization realm. Knowing that I was new to Seattle, she helped me identify a housekeeper and decorator in the area, and even gave me helpful information about local public and independent schools. Organizing is probably my least favorite activity in the world, but I actually looked forward to the days I got to see Louise!

I am typing this review now in my beautiful, serene office (which I can actually use now thanks to Louise) and am now excited to start a new job on Monday! Again – if you are reading this I can’t encourage you strongly enough to hire Louise.

T.H. Clyde Hill

Louise is the most organized person that I know. She has found her ultimate calling in life! In our time together, she instantly prioritized the most needed disasters. She is easy going, yet always on task. Louise has also taught me a bunch of tips and tricks to keep our messiest areas in check. As a disabled mom of 2 young children, her compassion is remarkable. It’s amazing the stress relief that comes with organized, clean living areas.  She will definitely be involved in our next project of organizing our next big move–I can’t wait! Thank you, Louise!

J.W. Lynnwood

Thanks to 15 hours of work with Louise and Top Shelf Organizing, I finally feel like my home affairs are in order. After getting married in 2008 and starting a family, all the paper that constitutes being an adult was starting to overwhelm me. . . Tax stuff going back 15 years, medical records going back 20 years, property records, appliance manuals, notes from college, paperwork related to two careers and a home based business . . .it was in piles and boxes that took up most of the space of our attic home offices. A stressful mess that I would tackle and fail to organize several times over the years.

Just before the new year 2016, I told a friend how overwhelmed that I felt about all the paper piles, and she recommended Louise. I saw on her website that she has seen it all and that my messy office wouldn’t faze her. I’m so glad I hired Louise!

Louise is a calm, trustworthy presence who can help you to achieve a peaceful, organized home. I’m already pretty good at organizing and clearing out my stuff – objects and clothing and toys do not overwhelm me. *Paper* is the bane of my existence, and I hate it and it sucks the life out of me.

Louise helped me conquer the paper in a room that I could barely even dust or vacuum because there was too much paper.

I’m so happy now because I have an easy filing system, with neatly labeled file folders, and I’ve reduced more than 100 pounds of paper — the records of our lives — to just what is necessary or the most sentimental, all fitting in one small filing cabinet. The rest is shredded or recycled.

Honestly, if you’ve tried to get organized for years and have failed, it’s not your fault – you probably need professional help. (Being disorganized is probably a sign of brilliance, I have conveniently counseled myself! Seriously, just hire help and get on with it. 🙂 )

I like how Louise just jumps in and starts working, helping make decisions and getting organized. Also, she has a nice attention to detail where she knows where to place things to maximize space. I joked that she is OCD in a good way, lol!

I’m so relieved to have an organized home office that I’m now going to paint the room and remodel it, something that wasn’t possible before because there was too much paper everywhere.

A.J. Queen Anne

From my personal experience, Louise is one of the premier organizers out there! If you are doing any kind of a move – new house or apartment or business move, have a lifestyle change or just want to get organized – Louise will put together systems that will definitely save you time and money! Louise has an extensive database of professionals – stagers, cleaners, movers, etc. to refer to, as well. Professional and easy to work with, I highly recommend Top-Shelf Organizing!

D.E. Kirkland

Thank you, Louise!
I do not know why it is, but I seem to need to have someone support me when I try to organize my home. It might be that I simply need extra hands, or someone like Louise, who has a better sense of what works and sees my vision better. For example, why didn’t I think to put that thing there-it makes so much more sense! She streamlines my rooms as she lends me her insightful suggestions as to how to maintain the new look that we’ve done together.

Answering the front door was the hardest part! My thoughts were around my concern of any judgment she might have …’What is she going to think of my messy, unorganized home’?
While working through hours of non-stop organizing, I got to where I didn’t want to stop because it was fun & exciting to see my rooms come together. I really appreciated her friendly manner. She has no judgments, especially when I am turning beet red with embarrassment as to ‘Why, might I need to keep this’? It’s hilarious in hindsight, because sometimes I had no clue as to why I have thought I needed to keep something. After it was removed from my ‘piles’, I never missed it!

You’ll be equally pleased to work with Louise – in fact, she helps on an emotional level as well. When the excess ‘stuff’ left my home, I could breathe better & feel lighter, when I went back to those finished rooms, I love, love, love my new spaces.
Can’t wait to see her again. You’ll be very pleased when you do work with Louise. The best!

T.M. Seattle

After some debate about the practicality of hiring organizational services, we retained Top Shelf Organizing and could not be happier with the results.

We hired Louise’s services to assist with helping us post-move, essentially unpacking and moving in. My wife and I work throughout the week which brought unpacking to snail pace, really only getting out necessities.

Louise is an exceptional professional and helped us completely turn our post-move, unusable kitchen and downstairs office/spare room into organized, enjoyable spaces. She was able to force us to focus on the areas we needed help with and apply creative strategies for storing and/or removing our items. She won’t judge or push you to do things you don’t want to do, but was able to help my wife and me create large post-move donation piles and even offers to take them herself.

It’s incredible the emotional weight that releases to have well organized, functional spaces.

My advice is if you’re in a similar situation, and skeptical if you really “need” this service to get it done, is yes, you really do. It’s worth every penny.

T.F. West Seattle

– Do you feel so guilty about what a mess your place is, you hesitate to invite anyone over?
– Is it hard to walk in a straight line inside your home, because some “stuff” is in your way?
If you answered “Yes” to the above questions, you’re not alone. That was us before we worked with Louise.

“My husband and I are… often buried in work day, night & weekend (on our PCs). One of us (me) is physically limited/considered disabled, but was raised by a hoarder and is a recovering shopaholic. The other half is an absent-minded professor/engineer/artist type; smart but housework is not his strength. Combine these two people + moving from a bigger house to a 636-ft condo + almost 10 years of not getting rid of much, you can end up with a disaster on your hands.

I felt we needed some drastic intervention, so I contacted Louise. I was nervous she may turn us down once I showed her our current state, but even after sending some snapshots, she remained upbeat and optimistic about the potential outcome. I was impressed and encouraged. Then she came to our rescue. (Superhero music here.)

So much of our belongings consisted of what served us well in the past. Not what we needed or wanted in our current life. Louise reminded us of this, and furthermore, worked the hardest of us all. I’m not sure when or if she got to take any breaks. As she kept chipping away at our what used to be a giant tangled mess, the living room started to look like a spacious, peaceful sanctuary (esp. considering the “before”). There were some homework items, but now I felt – for the first time in years! – I could have someone over. (We did!)

So much was accomplished in one session, we were very much encouraged for our second session. At the same time, as the time approached, I admit I was once again scared. What do we do with bigger messes? Would she get upset we haven’t kept it up as it was? Well, we just had our second session. I didn’t need to be scared – Louise was just as nice, supportive and practical, not forcing our decisions in one way or another, but mostly helping and being a positive catalyst. It’s hard to explain, but Louise has a way of empathizing with you so you don’t feel guilty at all, and at the same time she is incredibly helpful in guiding you to the right direction.

And the result is superb. Now we feel peaceful in two additional rooms. (Our results may be slower than typical, as I cannot move very much. To us it was miraculous.) If you want to enjoy living in your space, I highly recommend working with Louise. She’ll help you find a place for your stuff and yourself, so you can feel happier in your home.”

A.N. Seattle

Our family has lived in our home for twenty years. We are considering moving, but I was paralysed at the thought of having to work through years of stuff. Louise helped me to tackle a house packed full of life’s accumulations and whittle them down by two thirds. Louise is efficient, positive and encouraging. I was often overwhelmed by the daunting task in front of me. Louise approached each of our work sessions with energy and enthusiasm. I could not have done this job without her.

V.S. Mt. Baker

I could not have accomplished a major change in my life without Louise’s help and moral support.

With the passing of my husband and my children on their own, it was time for me to make a major life change. I had to move from the family home filled with over 40 years of memories and heirlooms into a smaller condo. I could not deal with the emotional and physical demands of this life change by myself. A friend recommended Louise.

As soon as we met I knew she understood my emotional state. She was very professional and knew how to proceed with every difficult stage of my move. Her friendly positive attitude made me feel at ease with what was happening. Louise gave me the mental tools to make the difficult decisions. When I would tire or stress she made me feel at ease. Each day we made major progress. She recommended the agencies for my donations, she hauled items in her own car and coordinated donation pick ups. I was actually looking forward to my move.

Louise is an extremely well-qualified business woman who provides organizational services filled with varied tasks, but what makes her stand out is her ability to understand how life changes, good and bad, affect her clients.

J.S. Madison Park

Thank you so much for your help in organizing my office. It has never been this lean and organized. I feel that my productivity will be MUCH greater. It feels like a completely new room and I actually WANT to go in and start my day! Thank you for your process, professionalism and great attitude. We will definitely be calling you again in the future as I have other project areas that could use your help!!

G.M. Renton

I’m so pleased and excited about my newly organized pantry and kitchen cabinets. Louise is truly organized from start to finish. First, Louise was quick to respond to my emails. She also gave me a high level overview of what our day would look like since I had purchased a 7 hour package; this was very helpful. It is important for new clients to be there so that Louise can work with you on how you use the space and what items you use most frequently. She wants your input and will help you maximize the potential of your space. The day went by very quickly and we were able to get a lot accomplished! Louise actually took the items that needed recycling out of our home and took the items that we wanted to donate for me! She even put labels on the cabinet shelves (optional) which were wonderful surprises! It is a very thorough service for money well spent.

C.A. Bothell

Hiring Louise to help declutter was worth every penny. Besides being so easy to work with (she’s kind, nonjudgemental, empathetic), she helped me with the most daunting project that I’ve been dreading for years – to purge the walk-in closet that was filled with tons of clothing, old files, documents, etc. She also helped me organize and clear out some of my daughter’s books and toys. It’s nice to no longer feel as if I am living in a storage unit.

What I found helpful in decluttering with Louise was that she kept me on task and really helped me evaluate what items to keep and to rid. On my own, I know that I could obsess on whether or not to keep an item. I really appreciated the reminders to keep only the clothing that I really love and wear. I had over two carloads filled with clothing, books, toys, and shoes to donate.

Louise has provided the momentum and mindset to keep my consumption at bay. Thank you Louise. You’re truly a delight!”

H.L. Greenlake

Louise is amazing! We relocated to the Seattle area on very short notice and didn’t do the kind of sorting and filtering we should have done before the move. As a result, when the movers dropped everything off at our new place and we looked around, the mountains of boxes seemed insurmountable. Especially with the time required by a new job, I didn’t see how we’d ever get things to feel like home. We’re so lucky we stumbled across Top-Shelf Organizing on Google!

Louise has been fantastic at working with both of us, adapting her style and methods to the way each of us processes things best. My wife likes to be involved, helping make decisions and seeing where things go. Louise is an expert at jumping in and getting things moving, but always careful to make sure my wife was guiding the process to a setup she was happy with. On the other hand, I was delighted to come home one day and find my home office organized perfectly. Everything in bins and labeled, easy to find and access. Much nicer than I ever could have or would have done myself, and it really feels good to be in the space now.

If you feel stuck or overwhelmed, Louise is your answer. We are very grateful!

W.P-K. Woodinville

Thank you, thank you for your help. It was huge! I love the fact that I can now go into my office/project room and have a clear surface for the many projects you helped me peg down. It feels great to be more organized and I am more energized to tackle these things. You were awesome to work with and it was nice for someone to see my mess, not judge and help me plow through it. A great gal, providing a great service. Loved it!

M.N. Carnation

I originally hired Louise with Top-Shelf Organizing because I was about to move out of my home for a major remodel after living in my home for nearly a dozen years. I needed to pare down everything so that I could move into an apartment for the remodel, and move back again without excessive turmoil. Although my small house looked fairly well-organized on the surface, it was packed with odds and ends and outdated papers, and the chore to pare down to the essentials took several months. Louise worked with me over those several months, and helped to turn a dispiriting chore into a liberating and perhaps even therapeutic experience. I truly enjoyed working with Louise, and looked forward to her arrival on our scheduled work-days. In fact, I enjoyed her company and help so much, I hired her again to help sort and arrange my apartment, and have retained her services again to help smooth the transition back into my remodeled home. Her organizational skills are top-notch, and she has great ideas for organizing the odd bits that I was never able to find before Louise helped to find homes for them. Once I move back in, though, and have used her services to help unpack and organize my things in my new home, I expect to continue to hire Louise on a semi-regular basis to make sure things stay organized, and that I only keep what I need and love.

Just as some of us occasionally hire personal trainers, there is good reason to hire a professional organizer like Louise to coach those of us who are organizationally-challenged. It is money, and time, well-spent.

E.S. North Beach

I had Louise over to help organize my office area in my kitchen. I had every cupboard and drawer packed full of “stuff”. I wasted so much time searching for papers because of being so unorganized. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. Louise was so calm talking me through the entire process. I never felt like she was judging me. She had a way of asking me questions that helped me decide what to purge and figure out what was important to keep, toss or donate. She took all of my items to be donated as well as old cell phones and batteries. She inspired me to continue on with my list of things to do. Louise was prompt, hard working, motivating and I never felt like it was a chore. I will not hesitate to have her help me again or to recommend her to friends and family.

C.H. Everett

Louise helped me take back control of my kitchen! Items piled up in places I didn’t want them to. Things were just not in usable, accessible places, it looked cluttered, and some of the cabinets were a jumble. Now after a mere 3 1/2 hours working with Louise, my kitchen is in the most usable, functional, clean and simplistic state I think it’s ever been in! Lots of things were donated (which Louise took with her when she left, how nice!), and what is left are purposeful, useful items in appropriate spaces. Walking into my kitchen is now pleasant and calming and the top of the fridge is now something I am not ashamed of! Louise’s attitude made the experience pleasant and motivational. Sometimes having someone help you see outside of the box you’re in is a gift in and of itself. I highly recommend Louise and her services!

B.S. Auburn

Louise was fantastic! I hired her help for a small area in my laundry room/pantry. She thought I was fairly organized there and recommended we use our energies on the left side of the garage where I come in an out of the house.

Louise and I worked day 1 for 4 hours and I could not believe the amount of items I got rid of. She suggested I take pictures of the paint can lids so I could save the information instead of saving the paint. Brilliant! She took away a carload of donate-ables and all my pesticides and bad for the environment chemicals that I know better now not to use. She suggested a shelving rack and even met me at Storables so I could get a discount.

That side of the garage looked so much better that my husband suggested, yes HE suggested we hire her to do “his” side. It was worth every penny. She was prompt and ready to go. She doesn’t just direct and tell you what to do, she gets in there with the dirt! She helped sort, cleaned, swept, wiped and helped him organize a million tools! I was so happy she was there. I never thought our garage would be organized. It looks amazing!

N.R-B. North City

I had paperwork spread out in many places, boxes and book shelves, and I was always wasting time looking for documents when I needed them. In one short afternoon, Louise put together a wonderful filing system for me which I know I will be able to build on and maintain. I am so happy that I am already saving time!

Louise made the experience fun and she is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her organization services.

R.W. Kirkland

My home office was beyond a mess. It was an embarrassment and I was frankly too overwhelmed to do anything to fix it myself. Louise came in and somehow managed – in less than six hours – to not only find my floor again (and everything else that had been “missing” for years) but somehow made me feel good about myself! My children were amazed and my husband said it was “a miracle.” I love the room and the organized space I now have. It has energized me to start in on the rest of my house. Louise is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. She is definitely coming back soon.

K.C. Matthews Beach

Our 3-generation shoebox apartment (sub-800 sq ft! mischevious baby afoot!) setup was increasingly straining my productivity, so I hired Louise to help tackle our living room. Contrary to the common misconception of organizers urging you to a) buy tons of new containers and b) part with your sentimental stuff, she found creative ways to repurpose stuff we already had, and find logical places for sentimental items. Louise also took our dead batteries and a few electrical items for recycling — such a relief for this eco-conscious but time-limited mama. If you need a gentle, no-stone-left-unturned approach to sifting your junk drawers, Louise is here for you!

A.C. International District

We hired Louise in the early stages of house hunting. We didn’t want to waste precious time or energy moving items we didn’t need/love/want, so Louise’s assistance with going through our house (room by room!) over the course of about 6 months was one of the greatest gifts we could have given ourselves. We purged and organized 6 full rooms and there were countless trips to donate our unwanted items. Once we found our new house, packing was a dream. I thought to myself many times how glad I was we had purged and gotten rid of the things we didn’t want BEFORE we started packing, because doing that while packing would have been a nightmare. And now our beautiful new home is filled with items we truly cherish, not junk we threw in boxes.
Louise was excellent and patient as well as highly organized. She was fun to be around and we look forward to ongoing visits with her (not only is she great at helping you before you pack, she’s amazing at helping you unpack and organize!). I highly recommend hiring Louise under any circumstance, but especially if relocating is in your future. Give yourself the gift of organization before you get to the point of moving and you will be so glad you did.

M.A. Edmonds

When Louise arrived, we admitted that we were both excited and worried about the work ahead of us – something we had put off since moving into our home. Louise calmly and patiently helped us unpack and sort through the many boxes in our storage area and the other piles that had accumulated in our basement. The hours flew by and we were left with storage room to spare and an amazingly inviting family room that’s open and airy. At the end of the day, Louise left us feeling empowered and inspired to attack other areas around the house. Working with her was an amazing experience – she has a gift for organization and makes the insurmountable seem manageable, if not fun. We can’t recommend her service enough and look forward to working with her again in the future!

A.C. Ravenna

Louise did an absolutely magical job, to say the least! My partner and I had many rooms that needed Louise’s assistance. She was extremely patient and helped us prioritize “our mess” and went straight to work. I am really impressed by how hands-on Louise was. There was nothing that was “off-limits” for Louise. She was tremendously useful and made sure all bases were covered at all times. Our closet went from a room where you can barely see the carpet, to a beautiful place where it feels peaceful to enter. Most importantly, it just makes us smile seeing the neatly organized result. Louise rocks and we are definitely going to be working with her regularly!

M & J Bellevue

I’ve really appreciated Louise’s easygoing and patient attitude in helping me to organize different parts of my home. She is very encouraging and has great ideas to keep it up after. I’ve actually felt inspired to tackle more projects because I see what a difference it makes in feeling more calm at home.

S.G. Shoreline

I hired Louise initially to help me organize my son’s room. He’s 6-years old and completely obsessed with Legos. As you can probably imagine, his room was carpeted with them and was a complete disaster. When Louise arrived we began sorting/organizing and after approximately 7 hours, his room was not only efficient, it looked awesome!
But then one organized room really makes the other sore spots stand out, so I also enlisted Louise’s help to organize my home office (I’m a small business owner), kitchen, bathroom and bookshelf.
Louise is calm and even, especially when I freak out looking at the mess and think “This will never get done!”. It always gets done, and somehow, Louise never tires of organizing. I recommend her highly to anyone who would like a little more (or, in my case, a LOT more) organization in their life.

E.C. Leschi

I’ve been “planning” to organize my guest room for years…and kept putting if off…until I decided to hire Louise! Once the appointment was scheduled, there was no turning back. The job was done beautifully in just a couple of hours and what a relief to have this accomplished! Louise is quick and FUN – before you know it, the work is DONE!

C.D. Mill Creek

Louise’s service is exceptional. My home is far more organized and functional. Working with Louise is a pleasure and the experience is rejuvenating and motivating.

N.K. Ballard

I had the pleasure of working with Louise organizing two spaces in our home that I could not tackle alone: our garage and our master closet. Both areas I do not usually have the extra time to get in order. Louise was so helpful and also wonderful to visit with. She made the entire process a lot more manageable by helping me complete both spaces in just one visit. The best part is, she took all of our unwanted items with her at the end to be donated! Thanks again Louise!

C.W. Woodinville

“Thank you so much for helping me to organize our laundry/storage room. Winning those 2 hours from you was like a Christmas miracle. It has motivated me to keep organizing in other parts of the house as well. You were kind and patient and super motivating!”

J.N. Columbia City