Organizing with Louise is $100/hour with a 4-hour minimum on weekdays.

Saturdays & Sundays are $140/hour, with a 5-hour minimum (packages don’t apply)

Weekday Packages are also offered:

8-hr Package:
($800 a la carte value) – $750

14-hr Package:
($1,400 a la carte value) – $1,280

20-hr Package:
($2,000 a la carte value) – $1,800

To schedule your hourly organizing session, the hourly minimum is paid at the time of booking. If the session exceeds the hourly minimum, the balance is paid at the end of the session.

Packages are also paid in full at the time of booking. The package is divided into 4-hour minimum organizing sessions and is valid for 6 months from the date purchased. No cash refund is given for unused package hours.

To book your session/s, please call: 425-283-9265.

Mileage is free within the greater Seattle area. Beyond this area, rates are assessed based on location.

Parking fees are paid by the client.