Thank you, Louise!
I do not know why it is, but I seem to need to have someone support me when I try to organize my home. It might be that I simply need extra hands, or someone like Louise, who has a better sense of what works and sees my vision better. For example, why didn’t I think to put that thing there-it makes so much more sense! She streamlines my rooms as she lends me her insightful suggestions as to how to maintain the new look that we’ve done together.

Answering the front door was the hardest part! My thoughts were around my concern of any judgment she might have …’What is she going to think of my messy, unorganized home’?
While working through hours of non-stop organizing, I got to where I didn’t want to stop because it was fun & exciting to see my rooms come together. I really appreciated her friendly manner. She has no judgments, especially when I am turning beet red with embarrassment as to ‘Why, might I need to keep this’? It’s hilarious in hindsight, because sometimes I had no clue as to why I have thought I needed to keep something. After it was removed from my ‘piles’, I never missed it!

You’ll be equally pleased to work with Louise – in fact, she helps on an emotional level as well. When the excess ‘stuff’ left my home, I could breathe better & feel lighter, when I went back to those finished rooms, I love, love, love my new spaces.
Can’t wait to see her again. You’ll be very pleased when you do work with Louise. The best!