If you are even thinking about working with a professional organizing service, I strongly encourage you to hire Louise. After working with her over the past 2 weeks, I cannot speak highly enough of her level of talent and professionalism. Her intervention has literally effected a step change in our quality of life!

My family and I just moved to the Seattle area, and I was struggling to get our new home in order. I was skeptical about hiring a professional organizer, but was becoming desperate given the large amount of piles strewn about the house. With two small children and a downsize from a Texas-size home, I dreaded waking up each day to tackle the disarray.

Here’s a summary of what I consider Louise’s unique talents:
-She is able to effectively (and cheerfully) tackle piles of rubble even when there is no obvious storage solution in place. This was critical to us since we moved from a custom home with lots of built-ins to a house with no storage. Another service we called mentioned that they would not be able to help us effectively without first buying expensive large bins to hold items.

-She followed up with great recommendations on organizing tools to buy (e.g., plastic dressers to put in closets and/or store office things, acrylic containers for the bathroom). I literally dread places like the Container Store and the home organizing section of Target, but was able to go into these places efficiently and confidently thanks to Louise.

-Her working style is extremely flexible. Sometimes I worked with her side-by-side to provide guidance on preferences, or to add horsepower to a specific job. At other times, I left her alone for hours to take care of other things, and returned to incredibly serene, organized spaces. She can effectively serve the client who has strong opinions about everything, to those who need to save time and outsource whole jobs.

-She has incredible throughput. Despite being just one person (versus other places where you have to hire armies of people), her ability to knock a room into shape is far faster than the average human being.

-She takes care of goodwill runs, which is huge for us. We tend to let disorganized piles of donations store up and we efficiently ridded ourselves of overall 10 boxes of unwanted items.

-She is incredibly personable and will go out of her way to help you, even outside the organization realm. Knowing that I was new to Seattle, she helped me identify a housekeeper and decorator in the area, and even gave me helpful information about local public and independent schools. Organizing is probably my least favorite activity in the world, but I actually looked forward to the days I got to see Louise!

I am typing this review now in my beautiful, serene office (which I can actually use now thanks to Louise) and am now excited to start a new job on Monday! Again – if you are reading this I can’t encourage you strongly enough to hire Louise.