If you’re thinking about hiring a professional organizer, stop thinking and get in touch with Louise. My only regret is waiting so long.

My husband and I moved in together without really sorting through anything and the clutter continued to multiply over the next couple of years. We’d buy things we knew we already had because we couldn’t find them. When we had people over it was hours of work running things upstairs and hiding them in closets. We couldn’t have all the dishes clean at the same time because there wasn’t enough room for them in the cabinet. Every room felt a little (or a lot) hectic.

We ultimately hired Louise because we were starting the process of turning an unfinished room (we called it “the Big Room”) that we’d been using as a storage unit into a media room and the thought of cleaning it out ourselves was too overwhelming. I purchased a 20 hour package thinking that maybe we’d get through the room in that amount of time, but with the 3 of us working on it we had it cleared in 7-8 hours (and we got rid of 85% of it – we were storing things, but obviously not because we liked or wanted to use them).

In our next appointment with Louise we tackled my husband’s studio. This was harder because there was more he wanted to keep and it takes more time to organize than to discard, but we went from a room that was difficult to even walk through to a much more useable space that day. We even sorted all his cables into their own bins and dedicated a closet to them…he never has to buy cables again and doesn’t spend hours digging through boxes to find what he’s looking for.

We’ve continued working systematically through the house (we’re now onto our second 20-hour package) and it’s been a joy to experience how peaceful each space becomes.

Now about Louise – I don’t know how she does it, but she has an even level of energy through the whole day and pretty much never stops. The process has been very calm and it’s 100% because of her demeanor. She’s very understanding about how exhausting it is to make hundreds (or thousands) of decisions about whether to keep items and she’s very thoughtful about arranging things in ways that make sense with how we already use our home. She knows how to correctly discard just about anything – recycling batteries, who takes cardboard boxes, etc – and she takes whatever fits in her car to Goodwill when she leaves.

For YEARS I knew we needed to downsize the clutter and get organized and I dreaded doing it, but Louise has made it a truly painless process and I’m so glad I called her.