Are you overwhelmed with clutter? Not ready to bring the dumpster in and start over? Stop what you’re doing and call Louise at Top-Shelf Organizing now!
I was determined to get my chaos under control, so I bought one of Louise’s packages with the intention of tackling everything. We split it up over four visits and were able to take care of one room per visit.
Working with Louise is awesome. She’s non-judgmental and helps you get rid of what you don’t need without feeling like a hoarder, but find ways to keep and strategically store what you want to keep. I was blown away that for as little as we got rid of, there was tons of extra space afterwards. 
Louise is a workhorse. We had a couple really long sessions where I had to stop for food and felt exhausted by the end, but Louise just kept going. 
Louise also packs all kinds of clever organizing stuff to help along the way like clips, label maker, etc. And when you’re all done, she takes the donate pile and hazardous waste piles with her so you’re just left with a nice clean space.