Louise was fantastic! I hired her help for a small area in my laundry room/pantry. She thought I was fairly organized there and recommended we use our energies on the left side of the garage where I come in an out of the house.

Louise and I worked day 1 for 4 hours and I could not believe the amount of items I got rid of. She suggested I take pictures of the paint can lids so I could save the information instead of saving the paint. Brilliant! She took away a carload of donate-ables and all my pesticides and bad for the environment chemicals that I know better now not to use. She suggested a shelving rack and even met me at Storables so I could get a discount.

That side of the garage looked so much better that my husband suggested, yes HE suggested we hire her to do “his” side. It was worth every penny. She was prompt and ready to go. She doesn’t just direct and tell you what to do, she gets in there with the dirt! She helped sort, cleaned, swept, wiped and helped him organize a million tools! I was so happy she was there. I never thought our garage would be organized. It looks amazing!