My house contains not one but TWO academic pack rats. We were coming up on a move and feeling overwhelmed by the incredible amount of paperwork and collected items that we’d have to go through – and that’s what was LEFT after we moved two truckloads of items to our new place! 

If you’ve ever wanted to adopt an improved lifestyle of simplicity with everything in its place, I recommend Louise. She helped us go through almost every shelf in our apartment, a mountain of paper, my calligraphy supplies, toiletries, and a desk full of office supplies. 

I like that she gave practical tips and suggestions for organizing our new apartment. She was also fun to talk to! After our appointment, she was a tremendous help by taking a carload full of goods to a nearby donation center.

Without Louise’s help, I would still be anxiously fidgeting with my phone in a vain attempt to delay the inevitable. I feel energized about setting up systems in my new apartment – and at peace about what needs to be done in my old apartment. Two thumbs up!