We hired Louise in the early stages of house hunting. We didn’t want to waste precious time or energy moving items we didn’t need/love/want, so Louise’s assistance with going through our house (room by room!) over the course of about 6 months was one of the greatest gifts we could have given ourselves. We purged and organized 6 full rooms and there were countless trips to donate our unwanted items. Once we found our new house, packing was a dream. I thought to myself many times how glad I was we had purged and gotten rid of the things we didn’t want BEFORE we started packing, because doing that while packing would have been a nightmare. And now our beautiful new home is filled with items we truly cherish, not junk we threw in boxes.
Louise was excellent and patient as well as highly organized. She was fun to be around and we look forward to ongoing visits with her (not only is she great at helping you before you pack, she’s amazing at helping you unpack and organize!). I highly recommend hiring Louise under any circumstance, but especially if relocating is in your future. Give yourself the gift of organization before you get to the point of moving and you will be so glad you did.