Louise is wonderful! Between working full-time and taking care of my young son as soon as I get home, I could not find the energy to help my husband do a massive clean and reorganization. So I found Louise and she was a total lifesaver! My husband worked with Louise while I was at work and this is what he had to say about the experience,  “I have ADHD and I get easily distracted and hyper-focused on small details making cleaning and organization a long and tedious experience. Louise was very patient with me and diligent with keeping me on task. Her organizational skills helped me immensely. Not only is our kitchen and nursery clean but it is also very organized making it much easier for us to clean and maintain. Louise’s guidance and assistance with cleaning and organizing was priceless. I highly recommend her.” All I can say is she kept my husband on task and happy and I came home to a beautifully organized kitchen and nursery. I am also happy to report that we have easily maintained these rooms thanks to Louise’s organization skills! We will definitely hire her again!