I could not have accomplished a major change in my life without Louise’s help and moral support.

With the passing of my husband and my children on their own, it was time for me to make a major life change. I had to move from the family home filled with over 40 years of memories and heirlooms into a smaller condo. I could not deal with the emotional and physical demands of this life change by myself. A friend recommended Louise.

As soon as we met I knew she understood my emotional state. She was very professional and knew how to proceed with every difficult stage of my move. Her friendly positive attitude made me feel at ease with what was happening. Louise gave me the mental tools to make the difficult decisions. When I would tire or stress she made me feel at ease. Each day we made major progress. She recommended the agencies for my donations, she hauled items in her own car and coordinated donation pick ups. I was actually looking forward to my move.

Louise is an extremely well-qualified business woman who provides organizational services filled with varied tasks, but what makes her stand out is her ability to understand how life changes, good and bad, affect her clients.