Louise is AMAZING! Enthusiastic, compassionate, energetic, funny, professional, encouraging and so much more! My home needed help in many rooms due to inheriting all of the belongings of my mom who had passed away and then adding a child to our family.  We were packed full of stuff we needed help purging and organizing.  The project isn’t fully finished yet but we’ve decluttered almost the entire house and it feels SO WONDERFUL! It’s so much less stressful to be at home.  

I’m so glad that I found Louise. After interviewing 4 different companies she came out on top.  She’s competitively priced, knows what she’s doing and has reasonable policies as far as her willingness to help you get items donated, actually spending the time you pay for working on your home and scheduling at times that are convenient for you.  I will definitely hire her again in the future.

Thank you SO MUCH, Louise!