Hiring Louise to help declutter was worth every penny. Besides being so easy to work with (she’s kind, nonjudgemental, empathetic), she helped me with the most daunting project that I’ve been dreading for years – to purge the walk-in closet that was filled with tons of clothing, old files, documents, etc. She also helped me organize and clear out some of my daughter’s books and toys. It’s nice to no longer feel as if I am living in a storage unit.

What I found helpful in decluttering with Louise was that she kept me on task and really helped me evaluate what items to keep and to rid. On my own, I know that I could obsess on whether or not to keep an item. I really appreciated the reminders to keep only the clothing that I really love and wear. I had over two carloads filled with clothing, books, toys, and shoes to donate.

Louise has provided the momentum and mindset to keep my consumption at bay. Thank you Louise. You’re truly a delight!”