I originally hired Louise with Top-Shelf Organizing because I was about to move out of my home for a major remodel after living in my home for nearly a dozen years. I needed to pare down everything so that I could move into an apartment for the remodel, and move back again without excessive turmoil. Although my small house looked fairly well-organized on the surface, it was packed with odds and ends and outdated papers, and the chore to pare down to the essentials took several months. Louise worked with me over those several months, and helped to turn a dispiriting chore into a liberating and perhaps even therapeutic experience. I truly enjoyed working with Louise, and looked forward to her arrival on our scheduled work-days. In fact, I enjoyed her company and help so much, I hired her again to help sort and arrange my apartment, and have retained her services again to help smooth the transition back into my remodeled home. Her organizational skills are top-notch, and she has great ideas for organizing the odd bits that I was never able to find before Louise helped to find homes for them. Once I move back in, though, and have used her services to help unpack and organize my things in my new home, I expect to continue to hire Louise on a semi-regular basis to make sure things stay organized, and that I only keep what I need and love.

Just as some of us occasionally hire personal trainers, there is good reason to hire a professional organizer like Louise to coach those of us who are organizationally-challenged. It is money, and time, well-spent.