Top-Shelf Organizing will help you find peace in your home. The calm is amazing. I wasn’t aware of the stress I felt because of the clutter. I typically put things away but am seriously challenged figuring out where items should live. Louise came to me highly recommended. I chose 2 4-hour blocks. I thought in that 8 hours we could make a serious dent in our exercise/storage/junk room. After 4 hours that room had a floor again and was fully functional. Everything had a home. The second day she reclaimed my husbands mancave, formerly a guest room. Again she found the floor, helped him find where things should go, and the hideabed can now be opened. A guest room again! She is fast, kind and non-judgmental. She doesn’t tell you how it should be, she helps you figure out what makes sense to you. She uses your logic. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Give Top-Shelf Organizing a try, I promise you will be thrilled.