I had had a lot of loss in my personal life and my home was showing it, I was floundering and overwhelmed with stuff.  I needed a lifeline.  Louise was it!
Louise is truly worth her weight in gold.  Organizing and straightening up your life, when it’s not your strong point is such a gift… a gift you’re giving yourself.  She’s the tool to make things happen.
Louise is even keel, non-judgmental and a pleasant human being.  Plus that, her brain just knows how to organize.  Making sense of things seems to give her energy.  She kept a consistent pace and worked the entire time.  She packed up my donations and got them out of my space at the end of the day too.  
Louise mentioned that she has family members with the ADD type brain, so she knows how to work with brains that are different from hers.  I, for example, never know what to do with stuff, she seemed to naturally know how to find a “home” for everything.
My 8 year old son was with us for an hour after school that day.  He was so excited to help and see the progress we had made in my dining room and living room.  It inspired him to get rid of things too!
A month later after our time with Louise, it’s still a relief to walk into my home, after just ONE day of her help. 
My advice:  be mentally ready to get rid of things that are no longer serving you, be dressed to do the dirty work and have your energy snacks & drinks ready.  Also, understand that this is not work she can do without you, it’s your stuff after all.  
Do I need her a few more days for other parts of my home?  Yes.  Am I completely pleased?  Yes.   Was I tired afterwards?  Yes.  
I’m also extremely grateful for the breath of relief, it makes time for other important things in life.
Don’t waste any more time feeling overwhelmed, set aside time and book this!  Make time!