I would highly recommend Louise and Top-Shelf Organizing.   She and I just did a very extended project over 2 months, readying my house for my girlfriend to move in.  We had to deal with close to 20 years of accumulation, and carload after carload left for Goodwill – in fact 10 completely full carloads, which Louise took away as part of her service.  We did 12 sessions total – as this was, in many ways, the Organizing equivalent of the Kitchen Impossible series (where the chef turns up to fix a disaster).   The Garage was largely a disorganized dump zone, which is now neatly organized with shelving lining the walls, and small plastic containers clearly labeled by Louise.  My office is orderly for the first time in a decade, with room for my girlfriend’s desk too.  Louise moved a lot of clutter into clearly labeled plastic trays inside cabinets (she has a very nifty labeling machine that prints the labels).   My kitchen is so better organized that my skeptical grown daughter commented that the organization was way, way more logical than before – based on Louise’s experience and organizational skills.  Now there is room for my girlfriend’s kitchen, clothing, and other stuff to merge into the house – which looked very, very tough to achieve at the outset.   I found Louise a pleasure to work with.  She is good-natured, interesting, professional, and reliable.  She was always on time, and always went the extra mile to get each of the projects done.  My only regret is that I didn’t start doing this with Louise earlier.  It’s worth every penny!