I had been telling people that all the clutter I had accumulated over the years was really starting to get to me and I so wanted to get rid of stuff and get organized. Then I decided it was time to downsize and move. At that point the task seemed almost impossible. Then I had the great good fortune of finding Louise. She is smart, and very experienced in organizing households, downsizing, and orchestrating household moves. And she is conscientious and caring of her client, and fun to work with. I have spent a couple of 4 hour sessions with her and made amazing progress. She has spent time with me going through accumulated stuff and gently helped me let go of things, and provided procedures I have used on my own to make progress I never would have imagined possible. I plan to continue working with her, and on my own with the guidance she has provided. My organize/downsize/move has gone from seeming impossible to being on the way to done!