Thanks to 15 hours of work with Louise and Top Shelf Organizing, I finally feel like my home affairs are in order. After getting married in 2008 and starting a family, all the paper that constitutes being an adult was starting to overwhelm me. . . Tax stuff going back 15 years, medical records going back 20 years, property records, appliance manuals, notes from college, paperwork related to two careers and a home based business . . .it was in piles and boxes that took up most of the space of our attic home offices. A stressful mess that I would tackle and fail to organize several times over the years.

Just before the new year 2016, I told a friend how overwhelmed that I felt about all the paper piles, and she recommended Louise. I saw on her website that she has seen it all and that my messy office wouldn’t faze her. I’m so glad I hired Louise!

Louise is a calm, trustworthy presence who can help you to achieve a peaceful, organized home. I’m already pretty good at organizing and clearing out my stuff – objects and clothing and toys do not overwhelm me. *Paper* is the bane of my existence, and I hate it and it sucks the life out of me.

Louise helped me conquer the paper in a room that I could barely even dust or vacuum because there was too much paper.

I’m so happy now because I have an easy filing system, with neatly labeled file folders, and I’ve reduced more than 100 pounds of paper — the records of our lives — to just what is necessary or the most sentimental, all fitting in one small filing cabinet. The rest is shredded or recycled.

Honestly, if you’ve tried to get organized for years and have failed, it’s not your fault – you probably need professional help. (Being disorganized is probably a sign of brilliance, I have conveniently counseled myself! Seriously, just hire help and get on with it. 🙂 )

I like how Louise just jumps in and starts working, helping make decisions and getting organized. Also, she has a nice attention to detail where she knows where to place things to maximize space. I joked that she is OCD in a good way, lol!

I’m so relieved to have an organized home office that I’m now going to paint the room and remodel it, something that wasn’t possible before because there was too much paper everywhere.