Louise is amazing! We relocated to the Seattle area on very short notice and didn’t do the kind of sorting and filtering we should have done before the move. As a result, when the movers dropped everything off at our new place and we looked around, the mountains of boxes seemed insurmountable. Especially with the time required by a new job, I didn’t see how we’d ever get things to feel like home. We’re so lucky we stumbled across Top-Shelf Organizing on Google!

Louise has been fantastic at working with both of us, adapting her style and methods to the way each of us processes things best. My wife likes to be involved, helping make decisions and seeing where things go. Louise is an expert at jumping in and getting things moving, but always careful to make sure my wife was guiding the process to a setup she was happy with. On the other hand, I was delighted to come home one day and find my home office organized perfectly. Everything in bins and labeled, easy to find and access. Much nicer than I ever could have or would have done myself, and it really feels good to be in the space now.

If you feel stuck or overwhelmed, Louise is your answer. We are very grateful!