My Approach


My approach to organizing is simple and direct.

Life is busy, sometimes even crazy hectic. Or maybe you’re just not the organized type. And clutter happens, sometimes major clutter. No judgment, let’s clean it up!

Contact me to discuss what area of your home or office you’d like to improve. My initial on-site consultation is free.  At your consultation, we will discuss your challenges with and goals for your space and my suggestions for helping you achieve them. We’ll then work together to free you from the clutter that is clogging up your space – clutter that often creates confusion, frustration, even depression. Once it is gone, we’ll sort what remains into a logical, neatly organized space that you will love spending time in.

Regular maintenance visits can be booked for those who desire ongoing assistance maintaining their organized lifestyle.

You’ll be so glad you called Top-Shelf Organizing!